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Title: "First times" to last a lifetime
Author: Me (Carmen)
Length: One-shot (3,559)
Genre: Highschool AU, romance, fluff, tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny angst, smut

Rating: NC-17 
Disclaimer: I own only the plot.~
Pairings: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino's on a mission to find love, but he ends up with Ohno instead.
Notes: This is for [ profile] youdont_54y ! Happy belated birthday! ♥ I hope you like this and I hope it's something like what you wanted, I tried my best. xD La-la love you, girl. 

                Today, it was Nino’s first day of highschool, and he’s so excited he could jump over cars (but he would never actually do that, since he preferred sitting at home and having dates with his game consoles). You ask why Nino’s so excited? Well, it’s for the sole reason for finding love. All of the ‘popular’ books or movies were all about teenagers still in highschool and it’s got to happen in real life. Like come on, Spiderman was only a highschool student and he saved his city! Or even that Bella chick in Twilight or something, she’s only in highschool  and yet, she got a werewolf and vampire going at her! If that shit’s not real, then what is? So, it was definitely highschool that Nino’s finally going to get his time.

                Nino quickly gave his mom a kiss goodbye (he would never actually admit it to anyone, but he was actually a ‘momma’s boy’) and rushed out of the door to start his first day. On the way, he intercepted Ohno Satoshi; who was his best friend, and they walked in comfortable silence.

                “Nino, isn’t today your first day of highschool?” Ohno broke the silence, which was very unusual since he didn’t talk much at all, but not too unusual to be worried about.

                “Yeah. I’ve been waiting for this day to come since forever. But that also means that you’re in your last year, right Oh-chan?” Nino asked; there was also a little tickle or thump where his heart was.

                “Mm. I’ll be off to University next year, even though I have absolutely no clue where to go.” He answered and started to stare out into the sky, like it holds all the answers.

                They continued walking the rest of the way lost in their own thoughts, and the whole time Nino had a funny feeling in his chest that he couldn’t shake away.

                For Nino’s first day, it was pretty good, he saw quite a few good-looking people, and he made his first friend (technically two, but one of them irked Nino quite a bit, even though he was a bit of fun); Aiba Masaki which entailed Jun Matsumoto.


                Days went by and Nino’s life was as boring as life could get. He didn’t find anybody he was interested in, and highschool only held so much entertainment (the most being; making fun of Sakurai-sensei, and goofing off with Aiba) and Nino felt he would go crazy.  He jumped onto his bed and closed his eyes and complained to Ohno about how boring his life is.

                “Oh-chan, highschool isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.” Nino pouted.

                “What did you expect? It’s just upgraded to older kids, and harder work.” Ohno replied while not even looking up from his sketch he was currently doing with his back against Nino’s bed.

                “I don’t know, maybe partying and sex? Y’know, the ‘normal’ highschool life.”

                Ohno scoffed. “I don’t know what you’re watching but our highschool is the perfect example of every other highschool out there.”

                “But Oh-chan! I still never got my first kiss, or ever tried sex, or anything.”  Nino complained.

                “You’re wrong.” Ohno said, his voice quiet; almost like he was afraid to say it.

                “Huh?” Nino opened his eyes and Ohno was right there, right in front of his face, and he could feel his heart hammering in his chest.

                “Your first kiss, you did have that.” Ohno answered and his breathe ghosted over Nino’s lips, making Nino shiver.

                “When?” Nino challenged, not wanting to back down to whatever Ohno was trying to do.

                “When we were kids.”

                “Oh. Well, that doesn’t count Oh-chan. We’ve been childhood friends forever and that was a friendly peck on the lips, we were children, besides, I’ve totally forgotten how that felt like.” Nino retorted.

                  “I could make you remember.”  Ohno said with an incomprehensible look.

                “Wha—” Just as Nino was about to reply with a ‘what are you babbling about now,’ Ohno covered Nino’s lips with his own.

                Nino was taken by surprise that he couldn’t comprehend anything that was happening, but when he realized Ohno was lightly sucking on his bottom lip and flicking his tongue out to swipe at it was when Nino pushed Ohno away by pushing at his chest.

                Nino had no idea why he was breathing hard and his heart was hammering and thumping and butterflies and fireworks were exploding in his chest. “Oh-chan, that was not what we did as children and what the hell?”

                “I know, but who cares. Besides didn’t you say you didn’t have your first kiss?” Ohno was looking as calm as ever, and it pissed Nino off, how unaffected he was.

                Nino nodded.

                “Well, I just proved I was your first kiss, and I was trying to teach you, but you didn’t kiss back.” Ohno pouted, which always made him look much younger than an 18 year old, and it always made Nino impossibly fond at that look.

                Nino’s eyes widened. He wanted me to kiss him back? Before Nino could think about what he was going to say, he blurted out “we can try again,” and got up to a sitting position.

                Ohno looked shocked but otherwise moved closer again. And this time, Nino was ready, but for some reason, it wasn’t just the thumping and hammering of his heart, and the butterflies and fireworks, but there was a feeling bubbling in the back of his mind that wanted to be acknowledged, and a tickle at his throat waiting to be said. Nino responded as best as he could, which must have been really good, since Ohno was making sounds that sounded like music to Nino’s ears. They both pulled away breathing hard and untangled from each other (since when did they even get tangled?).

                “That was woah, I thought you said you didn’t know how to kiss.” Ohno said; apparently at a loss for words and forgetting his nouns.  

                “I never said that, I just said I never had my first kiss yet; not that I didn’t know how to kiss.” Nino replied.

                Ohno ‘hmphed’ and glanced at the clock; to which it was almost 11pm and Ohno practically ran through Nino’s room and to the door saying something about his mom killing him if he was late.

                With Ohno gone, Nino slumped back down on the bed. What the hell was that?


The next day at school, Nino was hoping for something different, he didn’t know what exactly he wanted, but he did want something to be different. Everything was normal, like nothing had happened at all, Ohno went back to being his normal spaced out self and Nino was pissed, so he decided he would avoid Ohno like the plague.

                Avoiding Ohno was extremely easy but at the same time, extremely hard. It’s only been a week, but Nino was practically ready to explode. The avoiding was easy because Ohno never looked for Nino (Nino was always the one who initiated everything), and being hard because Nino has never went a day without seeing Ohno since they were kids, because even if they’re friends, Nino still relies on Ohno to just be there and Nino would be fine (Ohno was always a calming force).

                So Nino decided a whole week was definitely more than enough so he went out of his house in search of Ohno; and that would normally be his house.

                 The walk to the Ohno’s residence was only about 5 minutes, he was just that close to Nino’s place. When Nino arrived, he knocked on the door and waited, and waited, and waited.

                “Where the hell is he?” Nino cried out in frustration to no one in particular. “Tch, he must not be at home.”

                Nino then went off to the only other place Ohno would be if he wasn’t at home; the park. And Nino was right, Ohno was sitting on a park bench, but he wasn’t alone, he was with Toma-senpai; and they looked close. Toma-senpai’s practically sitting on Ohno since they’re so damn close.

                Nino was about to walk away to give Ohno his space, but then Toma-senpai decided to brush Oh-chan’s hair away from his face, and that was it. Nino couldn’t take it anymore so he stomped right up to them and stopped right in front of Ohno.

                Ohno got up surprised. “Nino! What are you doing here—”

                But before Ohno had a chance to finish his question, Nino grabbed him by the shoulders and mashed their mouths together.  Nino just couldn’t give up the chance of showing Toma-senpai who Ohno belonged to. Also to Nino’s joy, Ohno kissed back with just as much fervor as Nino. When they broke apart, they were both breathing heavily, and again, Nino’s heart was too loud in his ears.

                Toma was looking at them with bug eyes, like he couldn’t believe what just happened. “Um, I can see you’re busy Ohno-kun. Uh… I guess I’ll be going now…” With that, Toma-senpai left. And Nino couldn’t help the smirk that just came to his face.

                Ohno then shoved Nino away. “What the hell was that for?” Ohno hissed.

                Nino was shocked, but he was angry that Ohno didn’t notice he was trying to save Ohno from the evil clutches of Toma-senpai!

                “I was saving you!” Nino cried out in desperation.

                “From what? My friend Toma? First you avoid me for a whole week, then you just waltz in and kiss me?” Ohno was mad, really mad.

                “YES! It was frustrating!”

                “What was?”

                “You being near someone!” Nino accidently blurted out exactly what he shouldn’t have.

                Ohno quirked up his eyebrow, “So you’re jealous?”

                “NO! I don’t even like like you, so why would I be jealous?” Nino winced as soon as it came out.

                “But Nino, I like you.” Ohno looked crest-fallen, and Nino wanted so bad to hug him, but he didn’t want to admit to the feeling brewing inside of him.

                “I’m sorry, but can we still be friends, please?” Nino knew just then that he was about to lose something precious, and he desperately tried to hold on.

                Ohno just gave Nino the saddest look Nino has ever seen, and it breaks his heart. “I can’t.” And with that, Ohno turns around and walks away. Nino doesn’t go after him.


                Nino thought that maybe Ohno just needed sometime, so that’s what he gave him. But by the third week of not talking and Nino desperately trying to call him or visit him (the only time Nino did see Ohno was in school but Ohno would always ignore him), Nino gave up. Besides, today he had a date with a girl from his class, she was cute and her name was Becky, and he needed to provide her with all the attention.

                Overall, the date was fun, and Nino was really coming to like her. On the way home (Nino walked Becky home) they even held hands, Nino was feeling little flutters in his stomach from his first date with a girl (and they’re holding hands!). When they reached the front of her door, she looked at him eagerly. And Nino knew that look, she wanted a goodnight kiss! Becky closed her eyes and waited. Nino leaned in and closed his eyes, but as soon as they were closed, all of his thoughts were clouded over with Ohno. Ohno was smiling at him; the kind of smile that crinkles the corner of his eyes and makes him so adorably cute. Ohno was holding hands with Nino one day on their way home from school, swinging them and Nino realized how perfectly they fit together. Ohno looking at Nino with a loving look that made Nino feel loved and so incredibly wanted. Ohno sleeping peacefully, like nothing in the world can hurt him. Ohno goofing off in detention when they both got caught drawing on the school’s chalkboard when they should have been cleaning it. Ohno spacing out during class (Nino had walked by his classroom on his way to the bathroom; even though Ohno’s classroom was the complete opposite way). Ohno drawing with his eyes so concentrated that Nino couldn’t help but get sucked in. Ohno confessing to Nino, “But Nino, I like you.” Ohno looking so sad that Nino wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be okay. Everything was completely Ohno, Ohno, Ohno. And suddenly, Nino understood.

                “Ninomiya-kun, is everything okay?” Nino snapped open his eyes to a concerned Becky looking at him.

                “Um, yes. Everything’s perfectly okay. Actually, I really have to go. I really hope you don’t mind and I had a great time.” Nino ran off but made sure to turn around to wave.

                Nino could hear Becky yelling something in the background that sounded suspiciously like “I really hope he’s finally figured out his feelings.”


                When Nino arrived at Ohno’s place at midnight, he was breathing hard from running the whole way from Becky’s house. Nino was brave but as soon as he was standing in front of Ohno’s door, all of his confidence had slipped away. Nino finally understood, but what if Ohno refused to see him, or what if Ohno decided he actually didn’t like Nino?

                Oh well, might as well find out then think about it forever. Nino knocked on the door.

                Ohno opened the door, he was holding a fishing magazine and wearing nothing but boxers and a baggy t-shit. He looked surprised to see Nino, but there was also hope and sadness in his expression.  At that moment, after not really seeing Ohno for three weeks, Nino couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by how much he actually loved him. So Nino walked right in and pushed Ohno into the door and started kissing him. He wanted so bad to feel Ohno, to touch, to taste, and to also convey how much he loved him.

                Ohno was unmoving at first but then he started complying with Nino’s kisses and touches. Ohno moved Nino backwards into his room, and on the way, they stripped themselves from their clothing (later, Nino thought that he had extremely good luck since Ohno’s parents were gone for the weekend). When Nino fell on the bed, with Ohno on top of him, Nino came back to his senses.

                “Oh-chan, wait, wait.” Nino said; trying to suppress a moan since Ohno was doing wonders with his mouth to Nino’s skin.

                Ohno looked up and his eyes were dark and unreadable, just like that time when they had their first kiss. “Nino?”

                “B—before we do anything. Can I say something?” Nino asked.

                Ohno then looked scared like Nino was about to break his heart again. “Please don’t break me again, Nino.” And the voice was so incredibly heartbreaking, Nino bent his head forward and pecked Ohno’s lips lovingly.

                “No. But I wanted to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being a jerk and not realizing my feelings sooner. I knew I loved you, but I was too scared, and I was afraid to see past it, I was scared of losing you because I wouldn’t be able to feel whole again if all of a sudden one day you said you never loved me anymore—” Ohno was about to say something, but Nino brought his finger up to Ohno’s mouth as to shush him, “Wait, let me finish. But then I was losing you anyway, since I hurt you, so I decided it was better for me to hurt instead of you.”

                Ohno looked confused. “Huh?”

                “What I’m trying to say is, I love you too.” Nino blushed.

                Ohno smiled that crinkling eye smile, and gave Nino a slow but loving kiss. “Nino, I would never hurt you.”

                Nino smiled.

                Ohno kissed him again, but the kiss was different, it was heated and sensual. Nino moaned when he felt Ohno’s tongue exploring Nino’s mouth, and he arched up to feel more of Ohno’s warmth, Nino suddenly remembered that they were naked and that he was incredibly hard, and that they were going to do it.

                “Oh-chan, I don’t know how.” Nino moaned at the same time he spoke.

                “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

                Ohno then reached up and went through his drawers and came out with a small bottle of lube and a condom. Ohno took out the condom and put it on Nino, then squeezed out a generous amount of lube into his hands and rubbed it on Nino’s cock.

                Nino moaned incredibly loud; which made his cheeks get even redder (if that was even possible) since he had no idea he could even make that sound, at the wonderful sensation.

                “Oh-chan, I thought you were going to you know, enter me.” Nino barely managed to gasp out.

                “Another time, since it’s your first, I don’t want to hurt you.” Ohno smiled and Nino knew he was incredibly damn lucky that he had someone like Ohno.

                Ohno then squeezed more lube into his hands and started fingering himself. And the sight was so incredibly hot that Nino couldn’t help but stare and almost drool. Even the sounds Ohno was making was music to his ears. If it was even possible, Nino’s cock was getting even harder. When Ohno gave the ‘okay,’ Nino was more than eager to comply.

                Nino didn’t want to hurt Ohno so he tried going slowly, but as soon as he was in, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the warmth of Ohno and how tight it was. The feeling was amazing, and Nino wanted more. So you couldn’t really blame him that he lost all control and started moving in faster than he intended to. Ohno gasped and moaned and that spurred Nino on all the more. Nino tried holding on longer, but you had to give him credit for even getting this far (he practically was about ready to climax when Ohno started touching him), and he climaxed inside of Ohno.

                Nino pulled out slowly and winced a little from his now over-sensitive cock, he also felt extremely happy and looked down at Ohno who was working his own cock with his hands, and Nino thought, oh.

                Nino batted Ohno’s hand away and Ohno gave a little whine. “Oh-chan, can I t—taste you?”

                Ohno looked embarrassed but gave a nod. Nino was extremely nervous, but he had no idea where that burst of confidence came from. He moved his mouth closer and blew a little breath and Ohno gave a violent shudder. Nino felt proud that it was because of him and it made him even bolder, so he took ahold of Ohno’s cock, and started licking it from the bottom to the top. Ohno moaned and gasped Nino’s name. Nino smiled then started sucking on it. Ohno tried to push him away and moaned something like he was climaxing, but Nino wanted to taste. And when Ohno gave little body twitches, Nino tasted Ohno, it was sticky, but he continued licking it up.

                “Hmm, tasty.” Nino said after getting the last bit.

                Ohno laughed and took off Nino’s condom and tied it up to throw it in the garbage, and Nino felt so incredibly tired, he flopped down on the bed. Ohno joined him just seconds after and they cuddled. Nino felt happy, loved, and wanted that he was mentally cursing himself for not realizing his feelings sooner.

                “I love you.” Nino said again, just because he could, and he needed Ohno to know he really meant it.

                “I love you too.” Ohno said and gave Nino’s forehead a little peck.

                With Nino’s head tucked under Ohno’s chin and Ohno’s arms wrapped protectively around him, Nino fell asleep.


                “I’m home.” Ohno said; as soon as he walked in through the door of their apartment.

                “Welcome home.” Nino replied.

                Ohno looked over at Nino who was in the living room with a whole bunch of picture albums laid out; some open and some closed all over the floor.

                “What are you doing?” Ohno came over and sat down next to Nino.

                Nino put his head on Ohno’s shoulder. “Just looking at our photos, right now I’m going through the highschool album.”

                “Oh? I still remember you talking about finding love or something on your first day.” Ohno laughed.

                “Hey, I was young. Besides I did find love, and it was my first one.” Nino smiled.

                Ohno wrapped his arm around Nino’s waist, bringing him closer. “And I told you I would never hurt you. It’s been 12 years, and see? I’m still absolutely crazy about you.”

                “That’s because of my incredibly good looks.” Nino smirked.

                “No, it’s just because sex with you is amazing.” Ohno said. Nino swatted at his arm. “Ow.”

                Nino giggled and he thought back to that day when he complained to Ohno about highschool being boring, but then after getting together with Ohno, it wasn’t so boring after all (but that was only because they’d have sex in the unused rooms at any chance they got).

                Nino sighed happily and curled into Ohno’s arms even more.


                Some people say first times/loves are unforgettable even if you have managed to find the one, but for Nino he never had to forget since his “first times” were to last a lifetime.   

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