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Title: Stealing identities is not a good way to fall in love
Author: Me (Carmen)
Length: One-shot (2,459)
Genre: Au, romance, fluff

Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I own only the plot.~
Pairings: Aimiya
Summary: Nino pretends to be someone else, but what happens when he starts falling for Aiba in that stolen identity?
Notes: This is for [ profile] jutjull! Happy birthday! ♥ I'm kind of late, because I forgot to post it... sorry! And I really do hope you like this since it's kind of crappy, it's my first time writing another pairing. ): I promise I'll get better! 

                Nino never liked the outside much, since it was always too hot. But on the rare days he would go outside, he would go to the park and find a secluded place and just lie on the grass staring at the sky. Nino liked the sky, it was always bright and so blue (on the good days); like it would never tell lies and it would always be there for you when you look up.

Nino liked to think of different scenarios; like he was a different person doing different jobs. Nino liked being himself, but he always thought it would be fun trying to be someone else. The excitement of telling people your life story, but yet, it’s not your life story at all. Maybe Nino just liked to lie, he didn’t actually know the real reason but he enjoyed it, and will continue doing it until he gets bored of it.

Today was a rare day, and when he arrived at the park, he couldn’t help but think that something exciting was going to happen. But when he lied down; headphones on and listening to music, his eyes started feeling heavy. He closed them, thinking of just taking a tiny nap.

When Nino woke up, it was already evening. He stretched and got up into a sitting position but when he got up, a jacket rolled off of him and onto his lap. Nino stared at it curiously and someone giggled next to him. Nino whipped his head to the side and found someone with big doe eyes and messy brown hair staring at him.

“Who are you?” Nino asked; narrowing his eyes. How long has this person been staring at me?

“I’m Aiba Masaki!” The mysterious person said.

“Okay… and what are you doing here?”

“I was watching you sleep!” Aiba said; he looked extremely happy about it too.

“That’s a weird answer. Normally, people would be freaked out by now.” Nino thought this guy was pretty interesting.

“You know, you’re really pretty.” Aiba then flashed his probably most brightest smile and Nino almost felt like covering his eyes.

Nino blushed. “Thanks.”

“And you’re cute too! But who are you?” Aiba asked.

Nino was in one of those moods, and knowing he probably won’t see this man again, he lied. “I’m Ohno Satoshi.” And he thought of the first thing that popped into his mind.

“WOAH! You’re Ohno Satoshi?!” Aiba grabbed Nino’s hand, shaking it vigorously.

Nino; confused, just nodded yes.

“My friend Sho really likes your paintings! And he thinks you’re amazing, could you meet him sometime?” Aiba looked so excited.

Nino remembered where he saw the name, when he walked by the art gallery and there was a painting by Ohno Satoshi. Nino mentally cursed himself for accidentally choosing a real person. But it should be okay, this Aiba person wouldn’t see him again anyways, and Nino’s a good liar.

“Oh really? Well, tell him I said thanks and to keep supporting me! But I’m afraid I won’t be able to fulfill your request. I’m a busy person and actually I must be heading back now.” Nino got up and handed the sweater back.

Aiba actually looked dejected and just nodded. But then it looked like an idea came to him and his face brightened up again. “We can exchange numbers!” Aiba looked at Nino with puppy eyes and really, Nino should have known better than to fall for that.

“Okay.” Nino agreed without thinking about it twice, and there was no getting out of it. So they ended up exchanging numbers and Nino left. I just won’t answer any calls and it should be fine.


 But Nino’s naïve thinking wasn’t fine and he ended up running into Aiba on the streets when he was on his way to the supermarket. Nino cursed at himself for not noticing the tall man earlier. But now it would just be weird to walk the other way. Maybe if he pretended not to know him it would be fine.

“Ohno-kun! I’m so surprised to see you here! And you never answered any calls. I called you for a week now!” Aiba stopped right in front of Nino.

Nino sidestepped him and continued walking but Aiba ended up following him and Nino sighed.

“Oh! Aiba-chan! I didn’t know I would run into you here either!” Nino carefully evaded the man’s earlier question.

“I know! It’s like a magic encounter!” He started waving his arms around like an excited child, and Nino thought it was cute, but just a little bit.

It’s a good thing this guy’s kind of like an idiot. Nino thought.

“So, do you have any time tonight? We could go out for drinks.” Aiba asked, and again, there were those puppy eyes. Nino knows most definitely that he should reject the offer, but he really didn’t want to see those eyes sad, so he ended up nodding.

“Yay! Meet me at this address tonight at around 10.” Aiba grabbed a pen and paper from his back pocket and quickly scrawled an address down, then he left just as fast as he came. Nino couldn’t help but laugh and think that he was kind of adorable.

Nino arrived a tad bit late; he couldn’t really help it, deciding whether to go or not. But after hours of deciding, he finally gave in to the little voice in his head. He walked into the bar, and found Aiba sitting down in front of the bartender talking animatedly and when he got closer, Aiba was babbling something about unicorn’s horns making good swords or something.

“Ah! Ohno-kun! I’m so glad you came.” Aiba gave a quick hug and it made Nino’s heart skip a little beat and all he could think of was oh shit.

 Aiba introduced him to the bartender, who was Jun-kun. But when Aiba introduced Nino to him as Ohno-kun, Jun looked at him skeptically. Nino couldn’t help but feel scrutinized under the gaze; it was unnerving and it felt like he knew everything.

Jun then looked again at Aiba and Nino relaxed and sighed in relief.

“So, how did you meet this ‘Ohno-kun’?” Jun had asked and Nino didn’t feel so relieved anymore.

Aiba explained the whole encounter and Nino was pulled in by how Aiba described everything, like it was a new world and everything fascinated him. Nino wanted to know more.

Jun nodded the whole time and kept throwing looks at Nino, but he never said anything and Nino was glad. Jun left Aiba with a whole bottle of liquor and left to serve other customers.

“Jun and I know each other since we were kids, and he’s a student right now, but he needs the money to pay off tuition so he’s working here! He’s really smart, you know? I’m proud of him. He also goes out with my friend Sho-chan; the one I told you about, who really likes you.”

Aiba kept talking and Nino wasn’t really listening anymore. Nino felt guilty and he wanted to tell the truth, but Nino had a feeling that if he were to tell Aiba, Aiba would be devastated and Nino wasn’t ready to face that, not yet at least.

They ended up staying for a few hours and both drank a little too much. Aiba suggested they both go to his home. Nino agreed too easily, but no one could really blame him. Aiba was being too adorable and alcohol had made his mind a little too foggy to care about anything.

When the taxi dropped both of them off at Aiba’s apartment, they were both laughing about something, Nino was pretty sure it wasn’t even funny, but Aiba’s laughs were contagious. Aiba fumbled with the keys and the both of them tumbled into the genkan.

Nino really should have watched his footing because now he wouldn’t be in this problem, which was Aiba’s arms wrapped around his frame. Nino looked up, and again it was those beautiful innocent eyes.

“Ohno-kun is really pretty.” And with that, Aiba moved closer and covered Nino’s lips with his own.

Nino melted into the kiss, and returned it with much more force then he should have and Aiba started moving backwards and into a bedroom. It was a good thing Nino started sobering up, or he really would have regretted what they were about to do. So ignoring the butterflies in his chest, he pushed Aiba away. Aiba looked at him sadly.

“Ohno-kun doesn’t want me?” Aiba pouted.

Nino wanted to kiss those lips so bad, but he couldn’t or he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself from fucking Aiba senseless.

“No, I do. Really do. But it’s too fast. Let’s move slower, okay?” Nino knew that he was spouting a bunch of bullshit, but he really didn’t want to feel so guilty lying to Aiba and sleeping with him would definitely make it worser.

“Okay. I’ll go slower for Oh-chan. Can we cuddle then?”

Nino contemplated and cuddling really wasn’t that bad. He nodded and crawled into the bed with Aiba under the covers.

Aiba fell asleep, breathing evenly. Nino knew he was in trouble when he thought Aiba was cute, and now he was in even deeper. Nino really should have broken away earlier, and now it might be too late. Nino already didn’t want to part from Aiba, because kissing Aiba even gave him butterflies! Maybe he’ll worry about it in the morning, because right now, Nino felt so warm tucked into Aiba’s body. Nino felt his eyelids droop and soon he fell asleep in Aiba’s arms.

Since that day, Nino has seen Aiba probably everyday. Nino doesn’t want to admit it, but he probably fell in love, which is bad, really bad, since Aiba still thinks Nino is Ohno. But now, it’s too late, it’s already been a long time and Nino really doesn’t want Aiba to be sad, or for Aiba to never speak to him again.

But of course, fate had its own ways. Nino is on his way to Aiba’s apartment for dinner and as soon as he walked through the door, Nino heard another voice. He froze, and the door slammed shut; when he was trying to be quiet. Aiba then poked his head out of the kitchen and squealed happily.

“Sho-chan! Come meet Ohno-kun!”

Nino froze. Oh no, this is not happening. Omg. I thought I would have more time. I don’t want him to find out this way!

Sho then poked his head out of the kitchen doorway too, and he looked surprised. “Aiba-chan, this isn’t Ohno Satoshi. What are you saying?”

“What? You’re wrong, this is Ohno-kun, the painter!” Aiba exclaimed; looking at Sho like he was crazy.

“No. I’ll show you.” Sho answered back and then took out his wallet and showed Aiba a picture of what must be actually Ohno-kun.

Aiba looked shocked then hurt. He looked over at Nino and glared. Nino felt his heart shatter.

“No, wait. I can explain.” Nino said, desperately.    

“Who are you?” Aiba said with the coldest eyes. He didn’t look like the normal Aiba at all; the warmth disappeared.

“Ninomiya Kazunari... But please let me explain.” Nino tried reaching out with his arms but Aiba flinched away.

“Please go out.”

“No wait.”

Sho looked confused at the whole interaction. “Wait, Aiba. Let him explain.”

“Just GO.” Aiba raised his voice.

Nino then turned around and left with a broken heart.


                Nino finally understood why he always lied about his true identity.

                He was afraid, afraid of people hurting him. Nino built a wall around himself to protect people from finding out the true him. But in the end, it failed anyways. Nino fell in love and ended up with a broken heart.

                Nino tried calling Aiba many times, but he never answered. Nino gave up after a whole week of trying, and tried to move on. But it wasn’t so easy, everytime Nino closed his eyes, he would think of those innocent eyes, bright smile, and the warmth.


                It was about another month before he saw Aiba again, and he was in front of Nino’s apartment, drunk.

                “Aiba-chan?!” Nino was surprised, but hope spread throughout his body.

                “YOU! Whoever you are, you hurt me. Why?” Aiba looked so sad.

                “I’m sorry, but let me explain, please.”

                “I don’t care anymore. I just came to tell you to leave me alone! I want to stop thinking about you, it’s so frustrating.” Aiba slurred.

                Nino was surprised. He thought that Aiba would’ve hated him. But apparently Aiba couldn’t stop thinking about Nino too. So Nino took a wild leap of faith and grabbed Aiba by the shoulders and kissed him.

                Aiba tried to protest but Nino held on tight, he needed Aiba back in his life again; his own blue sky and sunshine. Aiba stopped struggling, and Nino was grateful that the taller man was drunk, or he would have escaped Nino’s grasp in seconds.

                Nino helped the other man into the apartment and laid him down on the bed. Aiba quickly dozed off.

                “I’m sorry.” Nino said, and brushed the bangs away from Aiba’s eyes.

                Aiba sighed into the touch and moved closer to the warmth.

                Nino sighed happily looking into Aiba’s innocent face and laid down next to him and fell asleep.

                When Aiba woke up, he opened his eyes and found himself looking directly into Ohno/Nino’s eyes.

                Aiba narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

                Nino giggled and remembered their first encounter. “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari but you can call me Nino.”

“Okay… and what are you doing?”

“I was watching you sleep!” Nino replied.

“That’s a weird answer. Normally, people would be freaked out by now.” Aiba giggled too, as he remembered where Nino was coming from.

“You know, you’re really pretty.” Nino said.

Aiba understood why Nino blushed at the time, since he couldn’t help but blush too. “Thanks.”

“And you’re cute too!” Nino exclaimed.

“Seriously, stop that. But why did you lie to me?” Aiba looked away.

Nino gently put his hand on Aiba’s cheeks and pulled him so that he was looking at Nino’s eyes.

“I’m sorry. I put an unintentional wall around me by being someone else and didn’t realize until after you told me to go away. I didn’t want to be hurt, but ended up being hurt and I hurt you in the process too.” Nino then looked down.

“It’s okay. As long as you don’t lie to me anymore, because I really like you Nino.”

Nino looked up and moved closer. The butterflies came back and Nino gave a gentle but loving kiss.

They both broke apart and put their foreheads together.

“I promise.”

Aiba smiled.

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