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Title: Undone
Author: Me (Carmen)
Length: Drabble (418)
Genre: Angst

Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I own only the plot.~
Pairings: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino loves too much.
Notes: I don't know what came over me to write this, but I finished this quite fast and just decided to post it. xD
Warning: *DEATHFIC* I wrote this in a weird format, so yeah... And after you read this, and don't get it. I can explain it to you.

                It’s unhealthy, the way I love you; that’s what you said.

Since you cheated, does that mean you don’t like me?

Does that mean that I wasn’t enough for you?

                I thought we were happy together and would stay together forever.

                                But I guess that was just my wishful thinking, huh?

                                                You know, I really did give my all in this relationship.

                The times you told me that I was too much, I didn’t quite get it.

                                What do you mean, I was too much?

                                                I admit, I do get jealous often but that’s normal.

But when I repeat the word normal, the images of me tying you replay over and over in my head.

Something in the back of my mind tells me that what I’m doing to you in this relationship is wrong.

                                                                But then I tell myself out loud, that I was protecting you.

                                                                                And everything’s okay then.

                Red. That’s what I see right now.

                                Did you know how I felt when I saw you in bed with another person?

                                                I’m sorry, I got so angry that I accidentally threw something at you.

                                                                But I promise, I won’t do it again.

Then you tried to get away and I told you, I wouldn’t throw something again. But you wouldn’t listen.

I’m sorry, I grabbed the glass shard from the broken object earlier. I don’t know what came over me.

                Don’t let him get away.

                                “Satoshi. There’s words in my head.” I always tell you.

                                                You said I was going crazy, but that you’d always protect me.

                                                                I believed you, I still do.

                                                                                But now, you’re not here anymore.

                Some part of my brain tells me I went too far this time.

                                I can’t forget you.

                                                I never will.

                                                                So I’ll do what’s best, and then we can still be together.

                Pain. It hurts. But I know that’s the price I have to pay to see you again.

                                I lay down beside your motionless form and take your hands in mine.

                                                “Satoshi. We’ll be together again.” I’m not sure if I said it out loud.         

                                                                My body feels weaker now.

                Just before I black out, I remember your last words.

                                “I’m sorry.”

                                                And then I remember.

                                                                I’m not meant to be with you. I’d hurt you.

                                                                                Why did I have to be with you? I just ended up hurting you.

                                                                                                “I’m so sorry Satoshi.”

                Tears streak down my face.

                                The ceiling starts getting darker.

                                                The world starts to fade out.

                                                                I’m so sorry I loved you.

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