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Title: My List
Author: Me (Carmen)
Length: One-shot (2,009)
Genre: Smut, Romance

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own only the plot.~
Pairings: Ohmiya
Summary: "He’s mine and all mine. I just have to make people realize this fact. Now, how would I be able to do that? You see, Nino IS mine but technically he’s not. We’re not together, not yet at least."


              Some people say jealousy is the same as envy. But I call that bullshit. Jealously has nothing to do with envy. When I see people get near MY Nino, it’s definitely not envy. It’s jealousy, definitely jealousy. Why would I be envious? He’s mine and all mine. I just have to make people realize this fact. Now, how would I be able to do that? You see, Nino IS mine but technically he’s not. We’re not together, not yet at least.


                “Sho-chan. I’m bored! Let’s go out to drink or something together later!” Nino says and curls into Sho’s side. Nino doesn’t act cute most of the time, but when he does, it’s like a bomb. No one can resist him. To me though, he’s always cute.  Sho sighs and says, “I can’t, I have to go shopping for groceries and besides, what about Aiba-chan or Jun-kun or Ohno-kun?” Nino pouts with those ever so cutely lips. “Aiba always ends up talking too much, Jun and I bicker a lot, and Oh-chan never says yes when I ask him to go out.” He looks over while he’s saying that and I look away, trying not to look into those beautiful eyes of his. The only reason I don’t agree is because I’m afraid I might lose my control around you. Sho sighs again and puts down the newspaper he was reading. “Fine, only because you’re whiny. But if you get drunk, I’m not bringing you home, got that?” Sho says while pinching Nino’s puffed cheeks. I can feel the jealousy brewing in my stomach slowly and I scowl at the two. That’s my Nino… Watching the two, I feel like ripping those hands away from Nino’s face.

                During filming, Nino’s in between Jun and I. Normally Nino would touch or grope me but today he’s all over Jun. Today’s just getting worse and worse… Normally, I would be able to endure the jealousy inside of me, but today Nino just seems to be everywhere. I look at the two of them bickering, Nino tries and touches Jun while he complains and swats his hand away, but I know he’s secretly happy inside, who can’t be happy with Nino touching them? He’s supposed to be touching me! Not Jun. I pout unconsciously and think to myself. When Nino’s face is in front of me, I back away surprised. His face… too close. My heart won’t be able to withstand being this close. “What’s the matter Oh-chan?” Nino asks. “Nothing.” I say; I can feel my heart pounding excessively inside. “It’s not nothing, you’re pouting.” He says while making a make-shift pout to demonstrate. My fingers are aching to reach out and touch those lips; to trace over the shape and feel the softness. I sigh inwardly and think that right now how amazing it would be to kiss Nino. I just stared ahead and hopefully passed it off as not listening and dazing off. He shrugs and goes back to touching Jun. Too bad he doesn’t know that I always look at him and think of him.

                Back in the green room after filming, Nino is sitting in our seat playing with his DS with that cute concentration of his. I make my way to sit next to him; the seat I always sit at but just before I reached, Aiba ran and sat in MY seat, MY SEAT! I must’ve been making an angry expression since Aiba gave me an apologetic look but he mustn’t have really been sorry since he turned to look at Nino with a bright expression right afterwards. I scowled and sat down in Aiba’s normal seat. I look at the two and Aiba’s leaning in closer to Nino. My heart starts hammering inside of my chest thinking that Aiba would kiss Nino’s cheek. NO! NOT HIS CHEEK. THAT’S MINE TOO. ONLY I CAN KISS IT! But instead he just leans in to whisper in Nino’s ear. Even though it wasn’t a peck on his cheek, I still felt jealous at the close interaction between the two. Looking at Aiba happily whispering something to Nino; making him smile widely made my insides boil more. I couldn’t stand seeing the two so close so I left the room making an excuse that I needed to go to the toilet. I run off to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face to try and vanquish the anger inside of me. I then look at my face in the mirror and wonder how pitiful I am. Nino, do you know you make me feel this way? This strong strong strong feeling of wanting to posses you so no one else can touch you?  I sigh and walk back to the green room.

                Later that night, I finally dispel all thoughts of Nino while painting. Wait, that’s not true. How could I not be thinking of him when I’m actually drawing him? I laugh at myself for being so pathetic. As I was cleaning my hands from paint, my cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID and it says Nino. My heart starts picking up its rate and I curse at the effect Nino has on me, even from a phone call. I touch the answer button and hold the phone close to my ear. I was excited to hear his voice, but when I heard Sho’s voice, my mood quickly turned into jealousy. “Ohno-kun, would you be able to pick up Nino? He’s drunk and I already told him I wouldn’t bring him home if he gets drunk. I was serious, because I actually have plans. Could you come get him?” He says while sounding tired. WHAT! ME PICK UP NINO?? How the hell do you expect me to not take advantage of a drunk Nino?? “Um... I’m busy.” I give him an excuse and hopes he understands. “Nu-uh, too bad. I’m really busy too, so instead of you coming to get him, I’ll just drop him off at your home, it’s closer than his home. So at least that still gives me extra time to do what I need to do.” And before I could protest, he hangs up the phone while I’m left staring at my phone thinking that this was about to become a very very bad situation.

                I’m pacing around my house when there’s a knock on the door. I walk to the door and take a deep breath, and open it. Sho smiles and dumps a very drunk Nino in my arms and hurriedly leaves before I could complain. I sigh and close the door. Nino smells strongly of alcohol that I have to pinch my nose. He mumbles incoherent words and sentences while I drag and dump him on my bed. His shirt was half opened while his lips were parted. He was breathing peacefully and I couldn’t help but stare. I was slowly getting mesmerized and slowly started moving towards his lips. Those lips, I want to feel them on mine; to feel the softness, to taste them. Just as I was a mere centimeter away, Nino opened his eyes. I froze where I was with probably a very surprised expression. He just smiles and gives me an alluring stare. I’m entranced once again and this time, I didn’t care what would happen. I wanted to be inside of him, to hear his moans, to touch every part of him, to claim him.

                I finally touch his lips with mine, and I shiver. It was amazing, the feeling was overwhelming. He brings his arms around my neck and brings me closer to him. I lose my balance and fall on top of him. I quickly bring my hands to touch his stomach and up to his nipples. Nino gasps and makes a tiny moan. I grin inside of the kiss and tease his nipples with my fingers; happy with the way they harden under my touch. Our mouths battle against each other in a fight and we break apart to breathe. He’s mewling while I kiss every part of him. I kiss his cute eyelids, his cute button nose, his adorable moles, pecks his cheeks, and nibble at his bottom lip. All mine. I growl happily. He’s grinding his hips into mine and I’m suddenly aware of my quickly growing erection. I then reach down and palm his erection and he’s moaning sexily.  

                 I rid ourselves of our clothes so fast that it was hard to believe they were there in the first place. I suck on his neck to make my mark; a very big and noticeable one at that, while I’m touching Nino’s erection. I let my mouth wander down and down till I’m looking at his dick. I open my mouth and take him all in, he’s gasping and repeating my name over and over. I must’ve been doing a good job if he was knotting his hands in my hair and trying to move me closer. He barely manages to say he’s cumming before he spilled into my mouth. I drink all of his cum and he’s looking at me with his dark eyes. And I know I must’ve been showing the same look; if not even darker. I think back to earlier and how many people have touched Nino and the slowly growing jealousy is back.

                 I have no more qualms about being gentle anymore as I think of the people touching my Nino and I quickly get a bottle of lube and squeeze the contents onto my fingers. I push them into Nino’s tight hole. He’s moaning and I know I hit the right spot when he gives a tiny yelp of pleasure. I put in two more fingers to stretch him more. The more sounds he’s making gets me turned on more and I can’t stand it anymore. I position myself in front of his hole and push in mercilessly. I start off with a quick and hard pace. He’s gasping, moaning, and screaming. It wasn’t long after hitting his spot repeatedly that he cums into my hand that was stroking him in time with my thrusts. He tightens around me and I can’t help but quickly cum inside of him. The orgasm was amazing and I’m left panting on top of him. I pull out and flop next to him lazily. He gives me another breathtaking smile and closes his eyes while mumbling something that sounds strangely like I love you and my name put together. I smile and stroke his bangs away from his eyes and kiss his nose. “Goodnight Nino.” I go to sleep with a very sexy Nino in my dreams and a huge smile on my face.

                I wake up to a very adorable Nino next to me still sleeping soundly. I think back to last night and I’m still grinning like an idiot. Maybe it was envy; seeing someone touch something that wasn’t mine. I didn’t care anymore if the feeling I had was envy or jealousy anymore, since I know that I had Nino marked. Even though we weren’t officially together yet, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long now. Besides, who would want to touch him now that there is a huge hickey on his neck. I smirk coyly while looking at the love bite. I let sleep engulf me once more entwining my hands with Nino’s.


                I wake up to Satoshi sleeping peacefully beside me. I feel a nice warmth engulfing my hand and I smile noticing that it was Satoshi’s hand. I smirk knowing that my plan worked. I’d have to thank Sho, Jun, and Aiba for helping me. I can’t wait to get home and cross of “making Ohno Satoshi jealous” off my list. Even though, I was drunk, I still remembered every single detail clearly. Now next is “making Ohno Satoshi mad.” I wonder, is he even better in bed when he’s mad then jealous? I grin mischievously thinking of the next plan.

**Please do comment and let me know what you think, my lovely people. 

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